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Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital English Deutsch Français Español Edit Classic editor History Talk (31) Share An entrance to the hospital.

The new Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital logo and placard.

“ A cutting-edge, research-oriented hospital with an advanced Level-I Trauma Center . ” — Surgery Today

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is a teaching hospital in Seattle . It was formerly known as Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital . Established in 2013, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is distinct as it is owned and run by doctors.

Contents [ show ] History Edit

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was formed by the new board of directors, the survivors of the plane crash, plus Callie and Jackson in Transplant Wasteland when they decided to rename the hospital as part of their new image for the hospital. The name honors the very reason they have the hospital in the first place and memorializes the two doctors killed in the plane crash, Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan .

The building has been renamed twice: It was initially Seattle Grace Hospital , then became Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital after merging with Mercy West Medical Center , and finally was re-named Grey Sloan Memorial after the plane crash survivors and the Harper Avery Foundation bought it.

Notable Staff Edit Hospital Board Edit Board Directors Edit Jackson Avery , Chairman Arizona Robbins Meredith Grey Board Members Edit Richard Webber Miranda Bailey Attendings Edit Dr. Miranda Bailey  ( general surgery ,  Chief of Surgery ) Dr. Owen Hunt ( Head of Trauma Surgery ) Dr. Amelia Shepherd  ( Head of Neurosurgery ) Dr. Arizona Robbins ( Head of Fetal Surgery , pediatric surgery ) Dr. Meredith Grey  ( Head  of  General Surgery ) Dr. Maggie Pierce  ( Head  of  Cardiothoracic Surgery ) Dr. Jackson Avery  ( Head of Plastic Surgery ,  ENT ) Dr. Don Heller ( Head  of  Anesthesiology ) Dr. Alex Karev  ( Head of Pediatric Surgery ) Dr. Richard Webber  ( general surgery ) Dr. April Kepner  ( trauma surgery ) Dr. Nathan Riggs ( cardiothoracic surgery ) Dr. Knox  ( anesthesiology ) Dr. Jim Nelson ( neurosurgery ) Dr. Connie Ryan  ( OB/GYN ) Dr. Hudson ( anesthesiology ) Dr. Garrison ( neurosurgery ) Dr. Anders ( neurosurgery ) Dr. Ethan Boyd ( radiology ) Dr. Dreyfuss Dr. Siegel ( psychiatry ) Dr. Norman Russo ( OB/GYN ) Dr. Jan Reger ( ophthalmology ) Dr. Raj Sen ( psychiatry ) Dr. Hundley ( OB/GYN ) Dr. Lynne Cohen ( surgical oncology ) Residents Edit Dr. Jason Myers ( OB/GYN ) Dr. Leah Murphy  ( general surgery ) Dr. Jo Wilson ( general surgery ) Dr. Campbell  ( general surgery ) Dr. Graham Maddox  ( OB/GYN ) Dr. Penelope Blake ( general surgery - Preminger Research Center) Dr. Ben Warren  ( general surgery ) Interns Edit Dr. Ryan Dr. Davies Dr. Miller Dr. Luntz Dr. Smith Dr. Pollack Dr. Wilcox Dr. Wilding Dr. Tate Dr. Kennedy Dr. Isaac Cross Dr. Audrey Shaw Dr. Andrew DeLuca Dr. Mitchell Spencer Dr. Hannah Brody Dr. Jason Mills Dr. Jessica Pahlavi James Nursing Staff Edit Bokhee Tyler Christian Ruth Gloria Maria Kathleen Howard Adam Andrea Dibella Liz McKee Victoria Cynthia Youngblood Michael Fran Daniela Szesterniak, R.N. Aurora (chemotherapy nurse) Support Staff Edit Dr. Alma ( occupational therapy ) Radiology Techs Pathology Techs Phil Johnson (Head of Security) Notable Former Staff Edit Resigned Edit Dr. Jeff Russell  ( Head  of  Cardiothoracic Surgery ) Dr. Cristina Yang  ( cardiothoracic   fellow and Board Director) Dr. Shane Ross  ( surgical   resident ) Dr. Nicole Herman ( Head of Fetal Surgery ) Dr. Callie Torres ( Head of Orthopedic Surgery and Board Director) Dr. Stephanie Edwards ( surgical Resident ) Terminated Edit Dr. Eliza Minnick ( orthopedic surgery , sports medicine , Director of the Residency Program) Deceased Edit Dr. Heather Brooks  ( surgical   intern ) Dr. Derek Shepherd ( Neurosurgery and Board Director) Hospital Privileges Edit

There are medical doctors who have privileges at Grey Sloan Memorial, despite not being on staff, which allows them access everything that medical/surgical staff at Grey Sloan Memorial would be normally entitled to, such as use of ORs , access to patient files, administration of medications and use the pharmacy and clinical labs, access to treatment equipment, including treatment in the ER and trauma bays, and nursing assistance.

Privileges are usually extended to attending -level physicians and surgeons.

Current Edit Dr. Catherine Avery ( urologist from Brigham and Women's Hospital ) Dr. Lauren Boswell ( craniofacial surgeon ) Dr. Oliver Lebackes  ( pediatric surgeon from Lebackes Pediatric Surgery Clinic ) Former Edit Dr. Alex Karev ( pediatric surgeon from Lebackes Pediatric Surgery Clinic ) Dr. Amelia Shepherd ( neurosurgeon from Seaside Health and Wellness ) Dr. Ben Warren ( Anesthesiologist formerly from Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and surgical intern from UCLA) Dr. Leah Murphy ( surgical resident from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital) Notable Rooms Edit Operating Room and associated viewing galleries Lobby with nurses stations Patient Rooms Intensive Care Unit Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Coronary Care Unit Conference Rooms The Chief's Office Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic Emergency Room Attendings' lounge/Doctors' lounge Residents' lounge Interns' Locker room Morgue Chapel The Cafeteria Elevators The Tunnels The Lecture Room On-Call Rooms Services Edit Basement Edit Billing Storage Floor 1 Edit Agent Cashier Community Health and Education MCCR Digestive Diseases Laboratory Executive Medical Services Nuclear Medicine Pharmacy Physical Medicine Radiology Registration Urgent Care Travel Floor 2 Edit Conference Center Clinical Research Hospice Program Health Care Ethics Networking for Research Wellness Solution Floor 3 Edit Biomed Eye Clinic Medical Clinics Neurology Clinics Neurosciences Neurological Institute Outpatient Surgery Pain Center Preventative Cardiac Center Surgical Clinics Weight Loss Surgery Floor 4 Edit Maternity Clinics Medical Genetics Institute Minimally Invasive Urology Institute Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Obstetric and Gynecologic Services Pediatric Services Pediatric Surgical Services Pelvic Health Prenatal Diagnosis Center Pharmacy Services Floor 5 Edit Cancer Center Cancer Detection Center Digestive Diseases Imaging Center Laboratory Services Transplant Program Psychiatry Notes and Trivia Edit The hospital houses 500 beds. External shots of the hospital are of VA Supulveda Ambulatory Care Center in Los Angeles. As of the middle of season 12, exterior shots are filmed at the West Los Angeles College. According to  Dr. Lauren Boswell , the owners of the hospital (Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Callie, Arizona, Richard, and Jackson) are called the "Grey Sloan Seven".  Alex Karev  is now also part-owner of the hospital, as Cristina gave him her shares. However, he is not part of the board, because Cristina legally couldn't give him her board seat without the consent of the other board members. It's unknown if he's also considered part of the Grey Sloan Seven now or if this nickname is only intended for the original buyers. Richard Webber is also a part-owner of the hospital; despite not being one of the board directors, he is a board member. According to  Dr. Graham Maddox ,  Dr. Nicole Herman  has made this hospital the go-to hospital for fetal cardiac intervention. It's presumed this is still the case even after Herman quit, because Herman taught Arizona her ways. The new badge IDs issued by Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital correct the staff's departments: Yang , Karev , Avery who previously had "Surgery" as their departments, were updated to their respective specialties of "Cardiothoracic Surgery," "Pediatric Surgery," and "Plastic Surgery." As of season 12 , Jackson's badge was updated to show his department as "Reconstructive Surgery". Derek's ID consistently shows "Neurosurgery" instead of alternating back and forth between that and "Surgery." General surgeons' IDs no longer have "Surgery" as a department, but have been updated to show "General Surgery." Surgical interns' IDs no longer show "Surgery;" instead, the IDs show "Surgical Intern". However as of Time Stops , the interns' badges have reverted back to show "Surgery". Owen's ID badge no longer shows " Chief of Surgery ", but rather his department. Both Owen's and April's department is now listed as "Emergency Room/Trauma Surgery". Nurse ID badges have been updated as of Season 12 , showing an additional, larger section of the badge indicating they are R.N.'s. Adopted from aviation regulations, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital has a "2-Challenge Rule" that allows two surgeons to override a third surgeon's treatment plan within the OR . However, this rule is not always used. The address of the hospital is 15000 Centennial Drive Seattle , Washington 98109. The phone number for the hospital is (206) 555-6000. Phone extensions: Nursing Station - 9-2264 Blood Bank - 9-1547 Lab STAT - 9-5684 Galley - 9-6587 Hospitality - 9-2457 Operator - 9-2558 Central Issue - 9-5665 Patient Rel. - 9-6678 ER Triage - 9-6644 GSMH Admission - 9-5002 GSMH HR - 9-0426 EIS - 9-6612 Linen - 9-8835 CNIV - 9-7745 PCX - 9-5777 ER-1 - 9-2464 ER-2 - 9-1247 ER-3 - 9-5384 MIDAS - 9-2587 DR Lounge - 9-2447 Cafe - 9-1558 Church - 9-2665 Waiting Rm 1 - 9-3678 Waiting Rm 2 - 9-5646 Waiting Rm 3 - 9-5005 Gift Shop - 9-2426 Front Desk - 9-3612 Orderly Station - 9-8845 RJG - 9-7345 PX Office - 9-5477 Season 12 establishes more women in charge of surgical departments: neuro, cardio, peds/fetal, ortho, and general. The hospital was then briefly referred to as "Ladyplace". The hospital houses a bariatric clinic. 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